Today I Said Goodbye to SqueezeCenter (LMS)

Back in 2005 I bought my first SqueezeBox and have now just powered down my LMS Docker instance and put away all my Squeezebox gear. Around the beginning of the pandemic I pimped out my home office audio wise and starting using Roon. Was running Roon on a NUC box that served a bunch of other purposes (blue-iris, plex) and went all in and picked up an NUC10i7 along with a 4TB ssd for my audio. Had a small network hiccup but now all is working well. We have about 6 endpoints, latest the digione but am waiting on my Pi 4b.


Think we need some pictures of the setup, hope you enjoy the ride.

I will do that and list some of the equipment.
I went with a fanless case: Akasa Turing FX
It’s a beautiful thing to hear absolute silence

LMS has done you pretty good for a decade and a half. Where will Roon be in 15 years?

As long as my SB Radio works I’ll use it. I managed to toast my SB touch just as I started to use Roon during a moving of equipment I plugged in my DACs psu and the damage was irreparable. The Radio is still the perfec kitchen endpoint.

I gave up with LMS when I decided to move fully to Roon after a number of trials. LMS was great at what it did and I loved the SB eco system as it started me on my streaming journey . But I grew tired with the apps to run it and i wanted a unified library after using Tidal. I believe they have this now in V8. I downloaded and installed it this morning on my laptop to check it out , but got as far as setting it up and gave up as I it just doesn’t fit my needs any more. I am sure it will be around a long time yet, although Perl really has had its day.

I first jumped on Roon when they integrated support for Squeezeboxen as endpoints. That was 5 years ago! Prior to that I was a long-time Squeezebox user from early on in the SlimDevices days. That was a platform way ahead of it’s time. Often wonder where it would have gone had not Logitech bought it out and then dumped it.

I am actually still using a Squeezebox Touch and Radio as endpoints with Roon. Works great.


Same still have my Squeezebox in play as endpoints.

I have Logitech Squeezebox Wi-Fi Internet Radio and Wireless Music Player, I’ll hook that up as an endpoint. Perhaps kitchen, not sure.

I had an old squeezebox, when they were short and wide
what was the name of that… some variant of the SliMP3
it doesn’t work anymore, have it somewhere around here

Still using 4 Squeezebox Touches for my “casual listening” endpoints. They don’t sound quite as good as my 2 “audiophile” streamers, but they are surprisingly close.