Todd Morrell duplication issue

Hi @support
I would like to ask your help for this issue.

In my library there are many cases like this, but I’ll take this one as an example:

the artist Todd Morrell has two different entries even if it’s the same person.
One of them is generated via AllMusic ( while the other is generated via MusicBrainz entry (

The issue is that they are the same person and, more important, that the two entries have different data (one those of AllMusic, the other those of MusicBrainz), and if I merge the two entries I always loose the data of the page merged into the other. In this case there are no relevant data, but for other artists I loose web links or “member of” data.
Is there a way to merge them maintaining all of the data?

I hope I explained decently the issue, here the screenshots.
Thank you!

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