Toggle IR Remote Control Intercept in Windows

I have Roon running on a Windows Media Center PC that I control entirely with the MCE IR Remote. Whenever Roon is running it takes over all remote control codes sent to Windows Media Center. I have to close Roon in order to watch movies. It would be nice to have Roon running in the background and the ability to control music via my iPad on that machine without having to remote onto it and close/open Roon for just that session.

The feature request is simply this: Provide a toggle button to disable IR remote control code intercepts/functionality such that Roon doesn’t get in the way of other applications. It’s nice that Roon has that functionality, but it’s a real pain quite frankly when trying to use it with Windows Media Center or even any other kind of app that needs IR controls which can’t be easily controlled via other mechanisms.

Hi I can’t comment on the IR.
However, have you considered running Roon Server (it’s headless) rather than Roon? Then control would just be by a Roon remote (PC, Mac, Andriod, iPad, iPhone)

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Sorry for the late response, I just saw this. This is actually on the control machine, not the server/database.

I just encountered the same issue that Bryan reported. I don’t understand why the Roon app would mess with the usb ir receiver on my computer when I don’t believe Roon even has a dedicated ir remote. Isn’t all Roon playback controls manipulated via the Roon client app?

While I doubt anything will be done with this feature request, since it’s been here since 2016. I would like to add my support for this request. Thanks.

One clarification point. For me, the Roon client only interferes with the ir codes for stop, skip, and rewind, at least that’s what I noticed so far. This is on a Win7 MCE running Roon client v1.5 build 334 (64bit).

The problem persists. I no longer run Roon on my Windows MCE machine and stream directly to my dCS Rossini DAC as it’s a compatible RAAT endpoint. So I can use the app on any other machine to listen to music.

That said, a vast majority of DAC’s are being utilized via USB async on a PC that is feeding a preamplifier. In this case, Roon “Gets In The Way” and intercepts these IR controls, which is quite annoying.

@fifolifo: If you’re the tinkering type, technical and willing you could take a backup of your registry. Then find all the area’s Roon takes control of your IR device and disable that by deleting the entries. No guarantee that Roon won’t check and recreate them on start though I doubt it. You will likely run into the issue when upgrade time rolls around though.

As a side note, if you wanted to see what all the registry changes are that Roon makes, get the free program called Regshot By Sysinternals (Microsoft – can be downloaded at This will allow you to snapshot your registry prior to installation and after installation. It will then allow you to do a diff on the two and find the changes that were made. From there you could determine which registry changes directly effected IR functionality. This was my next step, but I had the Rossini in time before I ran out of patience.

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@Bryan_Allen: Thanks for the fuller explanation and next step you were intending to take for resolution.

I’ve been using my Oppo UDP-205 as a Roon endpoint for streaming, but this weekend I was updating the usb firmware on it. Since, l needed to connect the Oppo to my pc to accomplish this. I was trying out Roon outputting via the Oppo usb-dac while it was all connected up. That’s when I encountered this issue. Until this is fixed by Roon, I’ll most likely go back to streaming directly to the Oppo.

Bump - it’s been a while, still no word from Roon Developers. Any chance you guys are listening or can consider this a feature request?