Toggles to hide unused features

I have no use for Dropbox or all the Airplay devices that Roon thinks I have. I’d love to be able to delete them or at least toggle them into a “hidden” state. thanks

You are talking about Settings (which we only use occasionally), right? It doesn’t seem super important to be able hide these. If you don’t configure DropBox or enable AirPlay devices, they won’t show up in actual use. Am I missing something?

There’s stuff that (Roon Radio, I’m looking at you!) shows up in actual use. These items really need a toggle!

Well, I’m a newbie Roonie but I think you are correct about where these items show up. I do admit to being organized to a fault and I hate to see these things wherever they are, esp the Dropbox thing that feels like it is being forced on us. perhaps a first world problem, lol