Tom Waits' first seven albums newly remastered in Hi-Res


Hi @Grump!

That’s good news! Thanks!

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It is, isn’t it? I’ve been waiting for these albums for years to get a proper hi-res treatment. They’re for sale, but apparently also for streaming (Tidal?). So far, I’ve just listened a bit to Closing Time. Will listen with full attention tonight, curious if these are an improvement or not. Apparently, Anti has the rights now, and they have a great catalogue but I find a lot of their albums rather compressed.

Yes, they’re available on Tidal. Just listening to Ol’ 55 on “Closing Time” (it says MQA 192kHz!). Sounds great! But I haven’t made any comparisons.

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Just starting Small Change (Tom Traubert’s Blues) in 24/96 (don’t have Tidal). Piano and bass sound very lifelike, but I’d have to compare too. To be honest: volume is up quite a bit at the moment (family’s upstairs), don’t know if I can keep it like this all evening :wink:

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No… I can’t… :wink:


This is awesome!

Lock the doors, turn off the phone, and turn on the ROON. This is my weekend right here :grinning:


Enjoy! :+1:t2: Doing the same over here :blush:


Waiting for Swordfishtrombones and Raindogs in this quality.

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Yeah… me too! Not to mention Bone Machine! Well, this is a start, and a very good one. Tom seems to take his time. It’s been years since his last new album… First the Anti albums remasters, now this, perhaps there’s a new album in the making? I hope so!


Hi just reading your post on the Tom Waits hi res releases on Tidal. How did you find them? I’ve looked on masters and couldn’t see them. I found the playlist and got to the albums that way but is that the only way to get to them?
Thanks India

Hi @India_Kirby, I don’t use Tidal myself. Perhaps @HWZ can help you?

Thanks Grump. I’ll see what comes up. Where are you getting your hires from?

Hi @India_Kirby,

sorry, but I don’t know any special tricks. If I want to find out if a Tidal album is available as MQA, all I do is type in the album title to see if there’s more than one version. If there are different versions available, I check whether there’s a Master among them. I’m sure other users know more about this. I only use Tidal to discover new music. Whenever there’s an album I really like, I download it from Qobuz, HDtracks, NativeDSD etc. As a consequence, my library only contains music that is locally stored. I never add Tidal albums…

I think that’s answered my question actually and makes good use of the tidal duplicate facility. I’ll try it! Thanks Grump

You can thank @HWZ :wink: Not much to add, I buy from the same sites, sometimes also from AcousticSounds, ProStudioMasters, or Highresaudio… Often do a small round / search when looking for bargains :grin:

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If the recordings were originally to analog tape the resolution cannot improve. Simply copying it to a 96KHz/24 bit sound file will not improve the original master. It may sound different to the original vinyl and have more sampling points but it won’t improve the original recording. Remastered analog recordings can often sound better because of the way the new formats are produced but it won’t ever achieve high resolution because it was never recorded in high resolution in the first place.

I love the early 2000s Bob Marley CD remasters. They were done well but could never be described as high resolution.

Yes, you have to make a digital copy analogous of the information on the tape. The tape will decay and degrade over time, so if you want the music to last for all time, this has to be done. A high resolution technique is used to capture the analog waveform. Music is always analog eventually.

Check this out:

Thanks Martin. That’s really helpful