Too Many failures after power outage

Storms come through how our power down for a few hours. When the systems come back up i can not play any music I get too many failures. See attached image. Last time this happen when i connected tidal someone said delete the database. but did say they removes all the data about listens and preferences.

UPS is the magic word…

I live in Johannesburg , (arguably) the Lightening Capital of the world. In our summer we get daily electrical storms , some of them real electronics destroyers.

Add to that our power utility, Eskom, is under sized and we suffer from “Load Shedding” currently 3 times daily. I am typing this just before we lose power 08:00 to 10:30 for example.

Do I beat you ?? :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

But seriously I have a UPS (a1 x 12V) covering my PC 's and Roon Core and another bigger (2 x 12V) one covering my Hi Fi TV etc. Quite simply when I see storms coming or a planned power outage I rely on the UPS to take over to allow me time to shut down the equipment in an “Orderly Manner”.

Tempting fate , in approaching 6 years with Roon , I have not yet had a corrupted database or a Windows corruption etc . It’s all about planning the outage and protecting the kit.

As an aside when people were reporting memory leaks I saw none as my Roon Core is restarted at least daily often more .

A small one 12 V UPS just for your computer is really quite cheap. It doesn’t have to be a big installation , some cover just 20 minutes literally just for shutdown.

Don’t regard a UPS as a back up power supply, continuous running will simply trash the deep cycle batteries which will last no time at all nd are not cheap.

PS a controlled and orderly start up also ensures everything comes back up. Start each component in the chain and wait until completed before moving on

Have you tried rebooting your Roon devices (core/server, as well as the streamer)?

I occasionaly although rarely get something like this and all was fixed by restarting the devices.

Yes, also made sure the roon bridge could access the folder with all the media. No permissions issues or anything like that.

Of course, I have a ups. I have 2 servers in my home that will softly shut down when the power is out. The UPS normally last about 45 minutes on load, It will not last 4 hours. The power being out isn’t the issue just a part of the story.

I have a ups with the APC software installed on vmware and the linux file server. They both will shutdown correctly. I will power them all on in order.

So the title shoul read “Too many failures after rebooting”…

Thank you for your help Carlos. You’re so right to correct my words.

Thank you, just trying to assist, not correct!

Do you take Roon Backups?

When my power comes back on, I automatically do Restore as a matter of course.

Better safe than ……

Yes, I have backups but I was hoping there is a way to prevent this from happening. After reading the forms there doesn’t seem to be a fix for this issue but a number of different situations can cause it.

I’d never listen anything if I did that , we had 3 power outages a day for the last 2 weeks :smiling_imp:

The secret is shut down “nicely” , then start up the modem then the network before trying to start the core PC

That said I have backups too but I have never had to use one except when I migrated to a NUC !!

Even without power outages I shut down daily anyway to avoid lightening damage (It is real , I can assure you , bills to prove it )

I do wish I wasn’t a past expert on this :sunglasses:

Here is a curiosity for both of you. What are you backing up? In my case I use Linux so just the /var/roon/RoonServer/ but I have been backing up /opt/RoonServer.

I may be wrong but I think @Mike_O_Neill is referring to the backups of the roon library taken from within Roon.

Oh ok, I have a different solution for media.

It isn’t for media. It’s the Roon library. The key part of the Roon eco-system and the one most affected by outages.

Backup by using Settings==>Backups.

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Yes I was , I keep 2 x USB copies of my music files and a daily backup of the Roon library from within Roon . Also backed up on my normal “domestic “ backup

Belt & Braces BUT …