Too many unidentified Albums

I have many unidentified albums and yet many are well know and sold by major retailers. I have tried the album search using a variety of information but still cannot get the albums identified.

When an album is not identified, it also means the collection search engine does not work well and will sometimes not pick the album up.

Why don’t you have a system whereby, users can input all relevant info and then post for you to check and then add to identified?

@mel_collard, can you post a few screenshots of example albums that you believe should be idenitifed by Roon and are not? I am also going to move this to the Metadata category for now.

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I know this is not the answer that you wanted to hear. I had the same problem with over 2,000 albums not identified. Many were in Bandcamp and even more could be found in Discogs, iTunes, or Spotify. The following tools really helped me enter the albums into MusicBrainz (where roon can make use of the information):

a‐tisket for iTunes, Spotify, and Deezer

and using a tool like TamperMonkey you can install scripts for importing album data from:

Discogs, and

I have already entered (please, no comments about compulsivity) roughly 1,200 albums. It takes 2-3 days for the entries to make it into Roon’s database. You can either do a manual re-identify or just wait until roon eventually does it in the background.

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Robert_F and meATroon

Thanks for the replies, input and suggestions. I am looking into the options and hope this can solve my problem.

This is the Vox screenshot.

I am posting 6 screenshots of albums I have uploaded to MusicBrainz to see if in a few days I can now identify them in my collection. The Vox Beethoven 5&^ has been uploaded because when I eventually tracked this down in Roon the track listing is wrong,. All albums that I could find (including mine) have the 41 second “Transition” at track 4 which Roon’s listing does not.

As far as I can tell, no progress with entering my postings and I have uploaded many more unidentified albums to MusicBrainz. So am I doing this just for fun or will I be able to get my albums identified??

I cannot speak for Roon and the metadata team, but historically classical/symphonic albums have been the most challenging to identify within Roon. I see a lot of data about your albums in your screenshots. Is this data you have entered manually?

I don’t know how long it takes for Musicbrainz edits to come through? Perhaps @support could comment? I would like to know.

Regardless, Qobuz seems to have most, if not all of those Archiphon recordings. I am pretty sure I read somewhere that they also have the entire BnF catalogue. As a result when I add your examples to my library, they are immediately identified by roon:

I must say that there are a lot of gaps in the metadata, even when they are identified. My experience is that artists, composers etc. etc. often have to be added with less popular recordings, especially historical ones, and compositions manually identified. Composition hierarchies are also often wrong and there are limits to what roon allows you to customise and edit with streamed content. My screen shots have been heavily edited to suit my preferences but it makes no difference to the identification.

I also don’t know what identifiers are making it possible for roon to identify streamed content but not the same local content. I find this frequently that it can be difficult to identify local content that I know is on Qobuz. Often I just add a “duplicate” Qobuz album and then just group the alternate local and Qobuz versions as the quickest and easiest way to identify a local album. I can always subsequently delete the Qobuz version but I usually do not. Perhaps @support can also comment on what identifiers should be included in local metadata to make it as easy for roon to identify local albums as streamed ones.

Assuming your Musicbranz edits eventually come through thanks very much for your patience as it helps everyone :+1:.

Yes info added manually by myself. I always do this as accurately as possible.

Thanks for the input. Clearly this is a search engine issue as even with some albums I have identified, it took a number of searches with different data entered.

Regarding the two examples that you mentioned, I tried searching again and even used the exact info in the search boxes as your identified albums showed (see attachments) but no luck!

No no progress with Musicbrainz and the search engine is not doing a good job.

Ah! There is a misunderstanding here. My screen shots are my very stripped back edits as I don’t like the duplication and screen clutter that roon auto-generates with Classical. I do not get an identification with the inputs that you have copied from my screen shots either. To make an identification, roon is looking for at least this and some other tags as well.

But even with these highlighted search terms I cannot reproduce with local content, the identification I am getting with the Qobuz album. So these search terms do not work either. I find this problem all the time, just the same as you. It must be the case that Qobuz/Tidal are supplying some identifiers that are key to the identification process. Can @support please comment on which tags, for example, are supplied by Qobuz, that could be used to make the identification process more efficient with local content? That would be a great help in cases like this.

Qobuz and Tidal have their own metadata they don’t rely on MusicBrainz, Roon can’t use that data on its own as it doesn’t own the rights to. So when you use Qobuz it can as your a subscriber to those services. I have a few files that Qobuz has metadata, Roon can’t find it on my local file of it I just group them and problem solved. Identified not identified is purely a local files thing and if Roon can match it to its metadata from MusicBrainz if tjer are in a streaming service its already been identified as it’s in that service. I tried to edit the metadata on a Qobuz album and re-identify it as I would a local file it didn’t find anything at all.

I understand and your explanation which is spot on. However, changing my search details made no difference to me getting my album identified! Still say it comes down to the search engine. One problem I also have is that I am in Indonesia and so Qobuz is not available.

I am also surprised that we have no had feedback from support but hopefully this will be forthcoming soon.

I follow you and this is what I rather expected. As I said in my earlier message I am in Indonesia so I rely on the Roon search engine. However, many thanks for your input which is much appreciated.

If they are in you library search should still work on them I have lots of unidentified albums that search finds all the same with no problems, being unidentified doesn’t stop Roon searching them. But it does affect the quick jump option as thats based on the ai stuff to some degree so won’t be included but performing the search fully finds it.

Here is an unidentified album in my library

Here it is in search

To help it find yours better your best toggling the the local library only option on.

Tbh local files are better filtered in the relevant areas instead of global search it’s way quicker and cuts out those that are not relative.

Thanks for the input and advices…

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