Toob (UK ISP) NAT Layer

UPNP is enabled on my ASUS router. the ISP is a relatively new FTTP provider.,

I get this result:

I’ve just sent them a helpdesk email to ask about multiple NAT and if they can help me get just one (not even sure that is even the right question tbh). Will let you know what they say.

With FTTP rolling out widely now I would maybe expect this to become more of an issue.

Response from my ISP

“We use CG NAT on our network which enables us to reach out to more customers. This does affect a small amount of customers including those who use port forwarding. You are able to purchase a Static IP address for 8 pound a month on a rolling contract which will allow you to port forward. This can be added by contacting our friendly customer service team on the number below.”

So, I’ll get static IP requested and see what happens.

And…as if by magic…


@ncpl that’s great news!

Enjoy the music!