Took The Plunge, NUC ordered...value in restore?

So I went ahead and ordered a NUC and related hardware to build out my ROCK. I am going to hang a new external hard drive off of it for my music library. Currently my core runs on a Windows 10 PC. Since the library of music will be in a totally different location, is there ANY value in restoring my current Roon backup core to the new ROCK build? I would think the main value in backing up and restoring is to not have to do the analysis of all the music again, but since the music will be in a different location I assume it would have to analyze again, right? Other than that, I have a few playlists that are not critical, so I don’t mind losing them, and again since the music will be in a differently location I assume the restored playlists wouldn’t work anyway…? Thoughts?

Those are incorrect assumptions … after the restore just edit the Roon watched folder in settings and point it to the new location and Roon will adopt the new location.

As to the value of the restore: Import dates, metadata edits, playlists, tags. etc. are all retained.
Plus as you said no need perform audio analysis again.

For me it would be a disaster not to restore the backup, however, only you can determine the value of it for your system / music collection.

So Roon is smart enough to see that, even though the location of the music files has changed, they ARE the same files, so it does not re-analyze? If so, pretty cool!

Yep, it’s very :sunglasses:

Looks like I will be doing a restore. Thanks for the info!

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