Tool Fear Inoculum Lyrics disappeared

Hi, I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong but the lyrics for the latest Tool album are no longer showing up in Roon.
Has anyone else noticed this?

All good for me, it is a local copy.

Still there for me. I’m in the UK and it is from Tidal, no local copy.

I don’t see the lyrics option at the top like you have.
I used to see it but not now.

My version is Tidal, not local

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Is that just for that album or all?

Check the Configure Now Playing Screen settings. Are Lyrics enabled?

Lyrics are enabled. I see lyrics for other albums

Hi @Trevor_Nathan,

Can you share a screenshot of the album page in Roon?


Hi @Trevor_Nathan,

Can you try deleting this album in Roon and then re-adding it? After doing so do the lyrics show up?

Hi @dylan, I’m not really sure what you mean by “deleting” the album in Roon.
If you mean I click the heart logo to remove it from my favourites, I have done that and the lyrics are still not present

Hi @Trevor_Nathan,

Go to Edit for the album:

Scroll down to Delete:

And click delete on the confirmation window:


After that you can re-add it to your library.

It worked :slightly_smiling_face:

Lyrics are back, thank you !

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