Top 10 Feature Requests

Ahh. Yes, I would also like fade-on-stop. As well as a short cross-fade (blend) when skipping to different points in a track or a short fade-in if you’re starting from any point other than the very beginning of a track. JRiver does both and it’s really nice for the sound to not be so jarring.


I’d like an option to mark unidentified albums if local tags are correct. For example an album can be unknown if a track is a few seconds different from the server result. So an extra icon would be perfect and with a single click to mark it.

Also a deeper integration with Tidal. What I mean with that. Now I have a few albums in to my collection. When I filter for OST I see only my library albums. Maybe a second row to show everything from Tidal without browsing through tags.

Roon Mobile

Video clips through Chromecast

Display controls … images are sometimes cutoff … Ie missing heads.

We’ll know soon enough, 1.8 cometh …

Officially in Beta

All I want is an “Stop MQA from playing forever” toggle.


This will not happen.
In freudian psychology this would be equivilant to “Killing the Father”


Swiping between different screens.

What do you mean by this? An example would help.

Amen! Sing it, brother! Searching classical music by genre or category is really essential

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Hello there

I would like to add another one: translation. It’s a pity to have the bios only in English. Do we know why things are not translated?

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That’s probably because good metadata is hard to come by, and you’d need at least one metadata provider per language. This said, machine translation can be surprisingly tolerable, so maybe it’d be possible to get DeepL integration.

my top 10: track based genres (repeat 9 more times) :slight_smile:

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my top 10: Tidal family account integration or seperate tidal accounts for seperate roon profiles (repeat 9 more times) :wink:
It’s a requestsince May '17 now.
See here: Multiple Streaming / Family Accounts and Roon Profiles (Tidal, Qobuz, ...)

Has any of the requests mentioned in this thread come true? except Vertical scolling which we know is in 1.8

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Nope, except vertical scrolling (in some circumstances) and portrait mode.

Can’t believe that this simple feature, that literally every other music service has, did not make it into 1.8. I mean WTF?!?!

I’m also disappointed to see only 2 feature requests added on the update. Especially after so many answers in this thread. There is really a demand for it, I know it must not be easy but it could also show and demonstrate “we have listened”.

For me, and sorry for sounding selfish but separate libraries would still be my number one: I don’t feel buying a new license so that another person can use Roon. Every software provide account switch and management and even though I have no idea of the effort, I don’t think it should be that huge to implement. Well, I’ll keep trying to be patient.

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@pocketcasts would be a fantastic choice. How can we get traction on this?

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Sonos has done a nice job integrating with @pocketcasts. It has a feature that allows you to resume listening where you left off. This is really handy when you’ve been listening on the podcast app, on the commute home for example, and you want to stream the remainder to a Sonos endpoint. As we all move beyond Sonos, that’s where Roon comes in.

A new request. Display in overview things that happened this day.

For example on this day died 2 of Greece’s greatest folk composers. Grigoris Bithikotsis and Akis Panou. The first one is also considered one of the greatest singers of all time.

Of course this would expand for albums released today.