Multiple Streaming / Family Accounts and Roon Profiles (Tidal, Qobuz, ...)

It would be nice to have Tidal accounts change when Roon profiles change… This can be useful when one have Family plans :smiley:


I don’t know about family plans, but this seems pretty logical on the face of it.

@Ludwig, Tidal’s has the ability to tide multiple accounts to “one” account, They call it “Family Plan” This way you can have multiple users in one account… My wife uses Tidal and now my kids. I dont want them creating all this crazy play list on my account… They use Roon so this some what of a small problem cause now my Tidal account is full of things my Wife and Kids listen too.

But like you said, Is logical and a future that can enhance the use of Tidal with Roon for sure.

Please yes this pretty please.


My wife and I have very different musical tastes, so she and I have built very different (and extensive) libraries/collections in Tidal. Switching to each of our individual Tidal accounts when switching profiles in Room would be very nice. :ok_hand:


+1 for me
We have built separate playlists in Tidal as each family member has his/her own tidal account - to be used “on the go”, but when at home Roon interface is much more preferred.
Would be great to have access to all the tidal playlists from all accounts (most logically linked to roon user profiles)

I’m deliberately ranting here (because i have no other power no matter what), there are only 3 years since this made it on the “feature request” it will probably have to wait for the 5 or more years old requests…

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Request isn’t a promise to do :slight_smile:

hence the “probably” :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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This would be useful.

I have a relative staying with me at the moment. He uses my Roon system but wants to save albums to the library. I don’t want to see his death metal etc. There’s no point in Roon having multiple profiles if you can’t customise the view of the library for each profile.

You can… tag the albums and then use bookmarks but his does require the discipline to tag every new album you add…

This is a real missing feature. Not only for family but also to be able to play simultaneously on multiple zone. Is it possible to have an official answer ? At least to say if it is planned for this year, next year … Or not planned

Buy additional subscriptions, set up each core on a different subnet and add as many endpoints as you need on each subnet to ensure that each user is able to use the Roon ecosystem without one’s listening interfering with another’s. Sounds about optimal yathink :laughing:.

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Good idea. I’ve just ordered six additional lifetime subscriptions and all the kit. They’ll be useful at Christmas when the family arrives. :clown_face:

Yes :wink: I hope this is not the marketing plan of Roon.
I’ve just started my yearly sub to Roon, i will try it without it one year and discard if not practical.
To work with it i’ve added my wife music to my library, for better and for worse. :joy:

While I would not expect profiles to behave like a seperate Roon subscription the current profiles are pretty useless. It’s the main reason my family don’t want to use Roon, they can’t do anything with it for their own.


+1 in the request for Roon to support multiple Tidal profiles in a family plan


Just bought a life subscription + Nucleus+ server, seriously investing in this as our home’s audio infrastructure.

How can a concept that is aimed to be the omnipresent audio system on a home network, connecting to multiple endpoints and room, not support all family members living under that same home network.

That’s doesn’t seem to me like a marginal feature, but that strategically support the core intent of the Roon network-based product philosophy.

It would also get a multiplication of users converted to it (kids who then become adults and spawn their own networks). Thinking long term here make this smart business.


1+ on this please. It would be extremely useful. Thanks Roon

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+1, definitely a useful feature I would use right away in my family

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