Top 10 Feature Requests

I only have one at the moment: full width waveform:
I regularly listen to long tracks/mixes and it’s impossible to get to a specific part. Completely ruined my listening and honestly resulted in me to stop using it since 1.8 launch. Huge bummer for me. Unfortunately I will not be re-subscribing unless they bring it back.


Am still hoping that shuffle albums makes it sometime soon. Hoping that others who believe in this will also vote for it… or who know of orphan threads which have votes lying around for similar topics can help get them combined!

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For me the number one request would be to put some love and attention into the developer’s API so that many of these other feature requests could be addressed by the community.


I know it has been mentioned several time above but for me the feature I really want is boxset handling. A structure where you can show the box set (along with its own tags) and all of the albums in the boxset along with tags and artwork. Most boxsets get imported with disc 1, disc 2 etc. but that does not really help. It is also not very easy to edit the data to separate the discs from the boxset into individual albums either.

My suggestion:

A hi-res badge in album view. Like it is done in Qobuz.

Its currently got 4 votes, if you’d like to add yours :wink: