I'd like for Roon to choose albums randomly (Shuffle albums)

I’d like for Roon to choose albums randomly. It’d be fun for evenings at home.


Agree, it would be nice, I almost posted a request for this too, recently.

Then I tried out the Discover feature and found that it sort of does this there :slight_smile:

But as you’ve revived it, I 2nd it!

A random album is a great way to start an evening’s “musical journey”.

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Hi @Jon_Leonard,

Would you want each randomly selected album to play in its entirety or just one track from it?

If the later, then try this from the album browser:

  • Select all the albums (to seed the radio function)
  • Click Play
  • Click Start Radio

Entirety. I can do random tracks.

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Thanks for clarification, that would indeed be a new feature.

Yeah. Not a tricky one, I hope.

Yes please! I think it would be even better if it would work alongside the focus feature (e.g. play a random jazz album released in 2016).

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Playing albums randomly, but in their entirety as intended by the artists is an absolutely must-have-feature!
In fact, this is almost the only way I’m listening to music and why I’m still in need of using iTunes…
Please implement this important feature and combine it with a one-click-play option within intelligent playlists and make Roon a must for me!


I once had one of the few Discogs apps on my iPhone, and that app had a feature which I liked very much: Shaking the phone selected a random album. I could then choose to play it, return to the regular browser, or shake once again.

Admittedly, shaking a tablet or a PC is not what you’d call a good idea, but a button somewhere would do as well. The essential thing is that it would not be a playback “mode”, but a one shot randomized proposal which album to listen to next.

Of course, I could not choose to play from the Discogs app, but decide to put the vinyl on the turntable. Nearly the same… :grinning:

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I really love Roon, but an album shuffle would be a nice feature - one I really miss, since it was the only way I played my music on iTunes.
So: A big big PLEASE!

Is there any chance to hear from a Roon official if this feature will be realized someday soon? That would really be great.

I think the Roon team knows generally that one of their main areas of focus for the next major release (it may not be with bug fixes and minor upgrades) is that their various playback engines need a major overhaul.

Take a look at the “Bouquet of Flowers to the Roon Development Team” thread that I started some time back. While that thread is about certain import or export functions I think would be very useful, the bottom line was that I wanted to have more control to use metadata to DJ music for myself because I did not think the Roon engine did a great job.

The Roon response zeroed right in on this point - that they know that the shuffle, Radio, and related functions needed a serious upgrade. My hope/expectation is that the next major release will include a number of ways to listen to our libraries that are more in line with the sophisticated capabilities of today’s media players and streaming services. I think they know this and are working on it.

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I’d like this feature too.

It’s good to hear Roon understands there is still need for major improvements.
Playing random albums would seem a basic function for Roon.

i would like to see Roon be able to use Focus and include Tidal in those selections as well as the library. Focus does not work that well right now the way I use it. Focus seems to prefer to return music from the same time period and not actual related music. It needs an internal intelligent engine like last.fm.

Still desperately keen to get random album play.

I miss this so much from my LMS days.


Random album play based on whole library or on Focus selection is a must have for me too.
This could be a play option on a selection, Focus result or even an option for Radio mode.

Since I’m an old foobar2000 user, I tweaked it to do that for years using various plugins.
Roon will certainly never reach such level of flexibility or customization, but it would be nice to include at least this kind of features.

After many times being frustrated at not having a “Shuffle Albums” feature (i.e. pick a random album, and play from track 1) feature, I figured I’d finally post a request. Unsurprisingly I’m not the only one - so going to bump this thread! Surely it’s a simple feature?

To some extent it depends on your library for example

Led Zeppelin to a Bach organ work to Deep Purple could a little disconcerting, even if I do such things manually :joy:

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, a Roon extension was made for this

I don’t know if it works with the latest version of Roon and Radio.

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A lot closer than you think. Jon Lord used to play such things as intros to Deep Purple songs.

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On the ‘Album’ screen use ‘Format’ to choose selection criteria then select ‘Shuffle’ on the resulting screen.

E.g. Under ‘Format’ I picked ‘Jazz’ and am now listening to a shuffled Radio-like feature that uses only what’s in my library.

Am I missing something in this request?