Topping E30 DAC Startup sync issue?

Hi - just purchased a Topping E30 DAC/L30 amp stack (seems like a great little combination so far!) but when I first turn the E30 DAC on connected to the Raspberry Pi 4 running Ropieee it displays flashing DSD 45.15 then 22.57 does anyone else have this with a Topping DAC and Pi combination? Once I start a track playing through Roon it locks on to whatever and all is ok from then on. Just wondered if it’s a faulty E30 or a recognised characteristic of the Raspberry Pi 4 with some DACs?

I have that exact same set-up and experienced the same issue. I resolved it simply by leaving the E30 powered on all the time and it hasn’t been an issue since.

Maybe the veritable @spockfish might have an idea? :blush:

This is certainly not something I’ve seen or heard before.

I’m pretty sure this is related to the device: some devices have difficulties with ‘locking on’ to the data.
What you can do is play around with Roon’s ‘Resync Delay’ parameter, which is intented for these kind of issues.


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Ah, that’s ok then! Thanks @GKern for the info, I don’t mind so long as it’s a ‘feature’ :blush:

I’ll be mainly using the L30/E30 stack in the bedroom, so it will live in a cupboard sat on it’s own little box that has a drawer for the Raspberry Pi, cables etc. when not in use (great little find in a local homeware store going cheap, happens to be the exact right size! Might see if I can post a pic). It’s a sort of semi-mobile solution so it will keep getting switched off - but never mind so long as I now know it’s normal behaviour with a Pi.



Yes, I think that the E30 may not necessarily play well with Linux, but I have only ever found it to be a minor inconvenience.

I have a D10 which works fine with the pi. I was wondering about an e30, good to know about the display.

I’ve now set the auto standby feature, which also fires up the DAC when a signal is detected. The DAC/Amp stack isn’t left on as it’s packed away between session, so I was switching it on and bringing it out of standby by tapping the power button on the touch sensitive front panel (which results in the dodgy DSD display). Now I just plug it in and it sits in standby mode and turns on when I start playing something, with no delay, pop or dodgy display :blush:

I think it’s only the first time the Pi is switched on and the DAC is connected, once the Pi has streamed music the DAC just stays in whatever format till the format changes. Obviously this is only in USB input mode, I’ve yet to try the S/PDIF input.

To be honest I’m blown away with the dynamics of this little duo, my HD600’s have never sounded so clear and deep - I think I might call them Batman and Robin! :grinning: