Torrent seeding

Hi guys,

Wanted to ask a question about torrents and seeding and see if anyone had any experience with how Roon handles files? (Not looking for a discussion on the ethics of pirating albums, I buy all the vinyl I can afford)

I currently have Roon core set up on a NAS computer running Unraid and all seems to be working fine. So my question is if I download an album and set the download location as my music folder that Roon links to, will Roon rename or otherwise edit the files? So far I’ve tested out downloading a few albums and playback doesn’t seem to affect me seeding the files at all, which sounds too good to be true.

Does Roon not edit files in any way when adding them to the library? If that is the case, where do changes to metadata go? I’m a bit confused on the matter.

Any help appreciated!

Roon dos not write anything to your music files.

The Roon library (database) holds all your tags, playlists, edits, etc.etc.

You should back up your Roon library regularly.

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Damn that’s pretty fantastic, I’ve been having to copy any music I downloaded to edit the meta data meaning its taking double the amount of storage space. As years have went by this has increased to several hundreds gb of extra space used just so I can have good metadata organization on MusicBee.

So far I gotta say I am absolutely loving Roon. Wish I’d tried this years ago.

Seriously this is such a game-changer, you have no idea how many hundreds of hours I’ve spent dealing with bloody metadata. I’m a happy music nerd.