TotalDAC volume control

I have a TotalDAC d1 core with d1 server option. I want to use a roodial to control the volume instead of the TotalDAC remote.
While exploring this option I have realized that I cannot control the volume in Roon.
I have the TotalDAC volume control in Roon set to device control.
In the Roon app on my iPad clicking the speaker icon brings up a window saying “volume control is fixed” and no slider.

Any ideas about whether it is possible to get Roon to control the volume so I can install a roodial?

If Roon can’t control it then RooDial won’t be able to.

Yes that is the point of my raising the issue. totalDaC is Roon ready and it should be possible to control the volume through Roon.

That depends on their implementation, it’s not mandatory for it on a DAC or streamer. I would reach out to TotalDAC as to why they didn’t allow it.

You should check the endpoint device settings.

There should be three

  1. Fixed volume
  2. Dsp volume
  3. Device volume

Try device volume - if that works - you should have what you’re looking for.

If it doesn’t work then you can use dsp volume.

There is a lot of debate about the quality of this (after reading Dr CWO’s paper I stopped worrying).

In any case many endpoint use DSP for their volume anyway.

To minimise what roon dsp does.

  1. Set DSP volume to max
  2. Adjust the endpoint volume with your remote, so it is as loud as you’d ever want
  3. Then reduce the dsp to what you want.