Totally confused - Chromecast Ultra hifi lossless through Roon?

I thought the chromecast ultra was limited to 24bits/48khz and I still believe this looking around on the internet BUT when streaming a Tidal song in master through Roon, it says that it is lossless (pic below)…
Anybody know why? This is not correct, right?

I don’t see any mqa decode in the signal path; I’d infer that it’s still 24/48.

That is MQA so you are seeing two resolution numbers, the original (within the capability of Chromecast) and the ‘target resolution’ which is what MQA aims to emulate should full decoding happen. Which isn’t happening.

It shouldn’t say lossless then but I get it now.
I’ve actually plugged in my chromecast audio and it is showing the decoder part there, so first unfold at 96khz.
Thanks for the quick responses.

Might depend how you interpret ‘lossless’ when used in the same sentence as ‘mqa’… but let’s not open that can of worms…

It’s fine for me. I don’t have an audiophile setup, just a good pair of cans.
I’ve got a DAC that I use with my iphone and…my ears can’t tell the difference between 96khz and 192khz. :slight_smile:

If I can stream through chromecast audio at 96khz on my decent receiver/speakers, then that’s cool.

Just means Roon is less interesting for me now (I’m on the free trial)

There’s a lot more to Roon than ‘just’ hi res playback… keep exploring - you might succumb yet!

Corrected that for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

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You mean using the Pi4 as the Roon Core?
I assume it’s powerful enough if you mention it. I’m running the core on a 2012 macbook pro so the Pi4 is probably faster actually

The Pi4 cannot be used as a core. It can be used as an endpoint, though.

Have to say that I do like the interface very much. Nice and clean, good recommendations of similar music.
The artist/albums info is cool too, some of it is the same as what I get on Tidal / Qobuz though (I’m also on a free trial with Qobuz :slight_smile: ) but that’s to be expected

My ears thank you :wink:

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Thanks mate

No it does’t. It’s a portable DAC (Topping NX4), essentially for phones.

I’ll investigate, thanks