Touchscreen Support

Feature Request - Better support for touchscreens


Increase the size of the scrollbar in Album view and make it more visible, give the option for the direct letter entry like Sooloos (already mentioned elsewhere) and have some page scroll buttons.


Selection of multiple albums with a single-touch screen needs an edit button somewhere (also causes me problems with my MacBook - attempting to right click by using two fingers on the trackpad scrolls the screen in a random direction)
Popup keyboard also mentioned somewhere else (and needed as well)


Touching a track - could the larger / more prominent button be add to queue (not play now)

On the overview page where it lists the number of albums, tracks and artists, I clicked on those and nothing happened! Should take me to the corresponding browser.

Like in my old Ford, I pressed the “Fasten Seatbelt” button and nothing happened :-).

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Zoom. The system already adapts to different window and screen sizes, showing two or three rows of images. You could let us zoom in or out, making the albums smaller and fit more of them.

Two-finger pinch, or Ctrl-minus, or Ctrl-scroll wheel.

You can long press on anything to emulate a right click. Once you are in selection mode, only a single click is needed.

This is in the works. Alpha Nav and bigger touch slide stuff.

Isn’t this smaller, but still HUGE button big enough? We actually call that screen the pawmasher :slight_smile:

This bug is known and I have work item for it. It already works on Android and iOS (internal builds), but we need to trigger it on Windows 8.1.

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Just got this done :smile:

This is tough… if you want to go bigger, I don’t see an issue, but if you want to go smaller, square covers end up reducing the place to show the text. What are you looking for here?

Tried the long press - that does what I need, Thanks.

The add to queue thing was just a UI issue (since I would nearly always be adding to the queue and not stopping what was currently playing)

Any chance of a cursor hide option (saves disabling it completely in the touchscreen drivers) - if not through the interface, then the option of a cursor flag file in \settings?

I thought of the text problem but decided to leave it to you :grinning:.

The goal is to fit more albums on screen, to reduce the amount of scrolling. I think the purpose of the cover is to recognize the album, others want to admire the art. Especially when you have a physically large screen. Even if the text remains large, you might fit 3 or 4 rows. But it may also be possible to reduce the font size, Windows does a good job with text rendering.

You also have the Overlay trick that Sooloos and other systems use, with the text on a translucent band over the cover.

Just a word of advice - if changes will be made to Roon in order to make it more touchscreen-friendly, then there should be a touchscreen “mode” and a standard “mode”. That way, touchscreen users can have their big chunky buttons and scroll bars, whereas non-touchscreen users can maximise screen real estate with useful info and album art. I don’t want oversized buttons and bars taking up my precious screen space :slight_smile:

Hi Danny, you say ‘just got this done’ (clicking on overview screen), is it coming on the next update? I think it is important, I dislike drop down menus on software like this, so it would be good to have buttons for the other selections from the menu, especially when the tablet apps roll out.

As a usage note, I was worried by the lack of larger scroll bars when I first saw it, but what I’ve found is that the whole scrolling mechanism actually works really well across the board. The scroll bar per se here is just a visual crutch that I’ve gotten used to over time. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be nicer, just that it’s pretty well done thus far.

I’m just using ‘mouse mode’ interface for my touchscreen.

We have a build in beta now with some fixes. Should be out early this week. This got into the following build. Hopefully later in the week.

I’m sure it looks good on a large touchscreen, but I think most users would have a non-touchscreen. The reason I say this is I wouldn’t like Roon to go down the route of Windows 8 - big blocky layout which might be better on a touchscreen, but at the expense of a finer more detailed approach with more functionality.

Don’t worry, we will always tackle this with a hybrid approach as you see currently. The product already runs on tablets, which are all touch, and very little has changed there.

i have just implemented this. itll be out along with the normal rollout. It works on Windows and Mac OS X, but I’ve not tested it on Mac OS X other than on a laptop, because I don’t have or know of any Mac touchscreens. I have tested it on both a touchscreen Dell Laptop and a HP Envy Recline 23 (beautiful Roon machine!).

That’s interesting on my Lenovo A730 Quad HD all-in-one touch screen [that I run Roon on] the mouse cursor is automatically hidden when the screen is touched and then appears when the mouse is moved … I guess the OS drivers are doing this, it seems to work very well … it never occurred to me that applications might need to support it as well.

Thanks for the (quick) cursor hide option.

@carl – mine do this too, but I think @Ludwig is using some crazy driver from @enno for this touchscreen on the Mac… I bet that does not do it… whatever, it was not a tough thing to add and test :smile:

That was a long time ago. That crazy driver was for OS X and sent my MBP into paroxysms of irritation. Since then I’ve been using the touchscreen with NUC and 8.1 and it’s been 100% fine.