Track 1 title wrong in "The Juliet Letters" with Costello/Brodsky Quartet

Roon says track 1 in the cited CD is “The Birds Will Still Be Singing.” AllMusic says it’s “Deliver Us.” See .

Track Editor, by the way, offers “Deliver Us” and a variant, but choosing one or the other makes no difference to what appears on the Overview page. Sometimes Track Editor can be used to successfully change the title in Overview and sometimes not. What gives?

This is an interesting one because it crosses both pop and classical genres. If you identify the album manually then roon finds 6 different editions of this album. Some of them provide a straightforward pop track list. If you choose one of these then roon will display “Deliver Us” correctly as track 1.

But this is an infamous classical crossover album and 2 of the editions provide a typical "leider or “art song” WORK/PART layout. If you choose one of these then roon gets track 1 wrong:

I haven’t been keeping track but I have seen exactly the same thing happen several times with other classical albums. So almost as a knee-jerk reaction I just split my TITLE tags into WORK/PART tags to see if that fixes things. For this particular album a classical layout makes more sense than a pop layout as the album is so much closer to a leider or art song album than a pop album. So that is what I tried and as is so often the case it did fix it:

But what is causing this? Why is it necessary so often to resort to a WORK/PART solution? To me it is a sort of workaround. It would be much better if TITLE tags worked more often first time.

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Hi James. This is quite simply because Rovi has linked the wrong composition part to the track. This is how it looks in my console:


We’ve let Rovi know.

Hi @James_Antognini. Rovi has made the necessary corrections. The changes should be pulled into your library within a week. Thanks for the report.

Things look right now. Thanks.