Track 19 title wrong in "Songs Without Words" by Schiff

In Mendelssohn’s “Songs Without Words” by András Schiff, Track 19’s title is a bit wrong. Roon shows it as “Op. 38 No. 2”; in fact it’s Op. 38 No. 6. See for corroboration.

Hi James, I’m not sure what metadata you picked up and why it hasn’t updated (assuming that your album is identified), but you appear to have MusicBrainz-based metadata for this album, and there is indeed an error on that track. However, if you re-identify with search terms below you should be able to replace this with the correct metadata.

András Schiff
Mendelssohn: Songs without Words

I’ve also corrected this in MusicBrainz, which could take up to a week to get voted through.

I just re-identified the album (needed only to click on Re-Identify Album in Album Editor, didn’t need to give search terms), and Track 19 is good now. Thanks.

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