Track does not show as playing in album

I’m playing a full album (shows up in queue list but heart is grayed out) and when I go to that album it’s not shown as playing.

Heart is grayed out because it appears as though the album was not added. I select the album from the queue and sure enough I have the option to add album. However, when I go to overview I see the album listed as “Added Today”.

I just went back to album and now I see it as playing. I still have the option of adding album. No hearts appear.

This is a little bit confusing, but even once you’ve added an album to your library, you can still access the album on TIDAL. I talked about some of the reasons here:

So, to be clear, this sounds like you’re playing the album from TIDAL, not your library:

I’m guessing if you click the recently added version from Overview, you’ll get more sensible behavior.