Track Focus / Storage Locations / Track Totals / iPad

I have 38584 tracks in my collection. This is confirmed by several audio applications, and Roon.

When I go into Track Focus on Roon on my Mac and my iPhone, and scroll to “Storage Locations” (I only have one storage location - “music”), it also reports 38584 tracks.

However, when I do the same on my iPad, it reports only 38240 tracks.

I have deleted the app from my iPad and reinstalled it, and it still reports 38240 tracks in Track Focus > Storage Locations, even on a fresh install. The main window of the iPad app correctly reports 38584 tracks; it is only in the Track Focus > Storage Locations screen where this odd 38240 number shows up. And yes, there are no other Focus criteria in play. Like I said, this occurs on a fresh install.

FWIW, I also installed Roon on another family member’s iPad, and it does the same thing! Is this a known bug on the iPad version?

See screenshots below.


Every device:
Image 1-22-22 at 2.01 PM


All iPads:

What might be going on on the iPads?

EDIT: And now that I look at the screens more closely, I see ALL the Focus numbers are different on the iPads…very odd!

I checked my iPad (7th gen) and iPhone12 Pro. Sure enough, the iPad reports different numbers than the iPhone. As you mentioned, there are many differences in Focus numbers, not just one or two categories.

Seems like a true bug. Here’s to hoping the support team finds this :beers:

I assume you have checked show hidden tracks on all of your devices under settings: general?


Ah, I thought that setting applied globally to all devices, so I didn’t check it on each device. After going into each device and making sure the setting is the same, the numbers now match. :+1:

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Hopefully it’s the same case for @DDPS too.
There are a few settings like that one that are all device dependant and need to be verified for each device being used.

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Yes that worked for me as well. Thanks @AceRimmer !


Good deal!
Enjoy the music guys!