Track grouping and using iTunes to rip my CDs - Best method?

Hello Eric

I’ve done much of the transfer of my CDs in AIFF format using the iTunes ripper. However I read in Robert Harley’s book The Complete Guide to High-End Audio (Fith Edition) that the XLD software was superior. I did a few tests but it was not conclusive. However, creating separate files for multi-disc albums works much better. Today I encounter a difficulty with an album. The tracks are all on my external drive WD MYCLOUD but they are not all imported by Roon. I checked in the RoonMount file and there are tracks that do not match the tracks on the album and others that are missing. How can I correct this situation. I read the articles you suggested to me but I do not know what to do. I attach two screenshots

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Hello Eric

I tried to upload a new album and the problem occur again. A screen capture show what happened.

The track is on my storage.

I dont see how to brig the track with the group.

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P.S. You can share this information if useful

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Hello Eric

After several tests and comparisons between the XLD Lossless Decoder software and the iTunes Ripper I come to the conclusion that the interface between Roon and iTunes is better and offers a more complete and easier file management than the XLD software. For example, when tracks do not appear in Roon management with Roon’s FIX TRACT GROUPING function has worked better. So I managed to solve the problems with the two albums mentioned in my previous emails. I will therefore continue the transfer of my collection of CDs in AIFF format with ITunes. Perhaps I will have a lower sound quality, but certainly less frustration. I understand the people who opt for the “turnkey” solutions mentioned by Robert Harley in his book THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO HIGH-END AUDIO. But unfortunately, this solution is rather expensive and is not currently available to me. If you know a software for RIPPING that offers better sound performance than iTunes and as much compatibility with Roon please let me know. But for now, I think iTunes will suit me perfectly. Best regards.


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I use dBpoweramp … it’s not perfect [what is?] but it works well for me in combination with Roon.

I second dBpoweramp. powerful program, lots of options, and most importantly has the ability to use AccurateRip database.

I always use dbPoweramp as well.

You’d want the R16 reference version. If you want to also check prior rips against AccurateRip database (among other things, including automated search for better artwork) then you’d also want to purchase PerfectTunes.

Once installed, lots of various DSP and utility codecs downloadable from here:

Very helpful forum, including quick answers from Spoon, the program developer (also the creator of AccurateRip)

p.s. If you’re not familiar with AccurateRip, see:

dbpoweramp and EAC use it for sure. iTunes does NOT use it.

Thank you all for your suggestions.

Hello Eric

I found the solution to my problem of non-recognition by Roon of the information about the tracks of the albums. This problem involved only three albums. I do not have the number of albums but they have more than 10 000 tracks. Here are the steps:

  1. I redo the request to identify Album

  2. I indicated that no options were satisfactory
    The No Matches window opened

  3. I chose Use Basic File Information

And it worked.

I hope this information will be useful to other Roon users.

Best regards.