Track groupings - Album missing from database

I have several ripped CD/SACD that are not in the Roon database. How can I group tracks based on composition as is frequently done in classical albums? I’ve tried using Yate to edit
metadata (for instance making the composer the same), but this is not having consistent results…sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Is there a way to formally request that a given recording be added?


Hey @zorntel – thanks for the report here.

Can you provide a few examples of the albums that aren’t getting matched, or screenshots of what they look like in Roon, along with a description of what’s not being displayed properly?

We don’t have a way to submit requests yet, but if you point me in the direction of what’s missing, maybe I can trace it to something on our end, or report the issue back to our metadata providers.


I have a large library of 4-5K albums and so there are quite a few…but here are two that I have recently seen that are not coming up. Is there any way to export a list of albums from my Roon library that would identify them as “unidentified” so that I could send them to you?


I took a look Robert, and the good news is that I believe I’m seeing both albums in our database. We have some improvements planned for our handling of classical music, and it’s possible what’s going on here will be resolved when that work is complete. That said, I can confirm that if you want to send the files over.

It is possible to see which albums are unidentified by clicking Focus in the album browser then, on the far-right, clicking Inspector. You’ll find a checkbox in there labelled Unidentified. It might be worth looking at the albums you mentioned (or any other unidentified albums), then following these instructions to match them to our database.

If you’d like to provide some of the files that aren’t getting matched properly, just PM me and I can give you some instructions for uploading the files to us.


I don’t see any sign of the Brass album and I’ve tried searching every term. Likewise I have the download version of the Bach album (not the SACD) and this is not in the database.

Incidentally, there is no box labeled unidentified in inspector…only identified…so there doesn’t appear anyway to select them.

One last comment…I’m a lifetime member…and am committed to staying with Roon…at least if you eventually integrate HQplayer…but the metadata has a LOOOONG way to go. I’ve spent nearly 40 hours already trying to fix bad and incomplete metadata. I have hundreds of unidentified albums…many of which are simply not in the database…no matter how I search for them. Having complete metatools will really be essential because there is a lot of missing data…and I haven’t even important my large collection of vinyl rips will probably be an even greater challenge. I’ve tried editing files in YATE to get Roon to respond better to unidentified albums…but the performance is incredibly inconsistent.


Select Identified, then click the + in front of Identified to make it a -. That will show the Unidentified.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks…that revealed over 700 unidentified albums out of 3400. Not terribly impressive given that my metadata was very well groomed in iTunes/Yate. Most of these albums are in Discogs. Looks like I have a lot of work to do…again. Unfortunately I’m only finding album matches about 1/3 of the time when I do detailed searching in the Roon database.

I certainly appreciate the ease in adding new flac and DSF files compared to previously working with audirvana and itunes. I can’t say it is really easier than working in jRiver…updating metadata was certainly easier in JRiver…but it is great to get all the data automatically when Roon does make a match.

I look forward to continued developments…but most fervently towards HQplayer integration as that is where I am still playing both my PCM and DSD files.