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I’m able to correct track name errors in albums on my Nucleus, but not the track lengths. Roon’s database doesn’t have the correct data for A Night with the Righteous Brothers Live and I’d like to correct that.


Do you mean that in the identification process of your album, it comes up with a version that has a different track length? These things happen. The data may be faulty, but it could also be that another version or pressing had a different length for that track. Can’t you just accept the version with the different length? After this, the album in your library will have the correct length, i.e. the length that your file actually has.

Or am I misunderstanding you completely?

A major factor in the identification of disc metadata is the combination of track lengths, in seconds, for a given album. 99+% of the time the combined album and track lengths are very different but very occasionally they are so near identical that an incorrect version of an album/cd may be identified.
In such circumstances you can try edit/identify to pick the correct version but unfortunately the whole process (imho) is hit and miss and frequently finds the same data.
Maybe someone has a better system…:thinking:

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Thanks Arlen and Pixel Popper. There is only one version of this album but its CD number, CD_9f12370c, doesn’t even show up on any search site. The CD, still available on Amazon, is Night With the Righteous Brothers Live, Rychus Records 041, released in 2003, but its track listing and times there also do not coincide with the disc itself, so is likely Roon’s source of info. The album displays correctly on with respect to both track titles and times and shows the barcode correctly as 659057818320, so maybe that should be the source of Roon’s database. Listening Roon?


Discogs is ok but not always correct, roon takes it’s metadata from a number of providers which normally results accurate data, but, not always…

Is this something that could be fixed by adding this release to MusicBrainz?

That might work, but it depends to some extent what the source of your current metadata is.
If you load the data on musicbrainz then rip the disc specifying the metadata source as musicbrainz the correct data should, hopefully be embedded in your music files and recognised by roon.

Hello @Bruce_Grunsten ,

Can you please share a few screenshots of what you are observing in the Roon app vs how the actual track length showing in another app?

Thanks noris, but this album and label are like one-off entities that aren’t worth a lot more effort. The data coincides with the CD case itself, as does the link to the album in my Music Collector program database which I’ve used for decades to document my CD collection. I did change the track titles in Roon to be consistent with the “real” ones and can live with the erroneous track times.

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It doesn’t appear in MusicBrainz (that I could find); AllMusic lists it with similar (the same?) photos as discogs, but the track times it lists are different to those on the photo of the packaging…

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