Track list - meaning of the mike icon and of the mike icon with dot

The core and the browser are on a laptop.

Listening to Tracy Chapman, I notice an icon I did never see before, namely a small mike at the end of the track name.

Some have an additional dot. What is the meaning of that icon? Does it mark the availability of lyrics?

Why two icons?

I believe that the plain mike icon means that there are lyrics available. And the little dot along with the mike indicates that the lyrics will scroll along with the music to stay in step.
The little dot is actually a clock (which you see when it is enlarged) - to indicate that they keep in time with the music.

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Hi @Reto_Hadorn,

The microphone icon indicates that lyrics are available for this track. If there is a clock with the microphone, that means we have timed lyrics (lyrics can scroll as the song goes along via the Now Playing screen or a Display).


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