Track plays in Tidal but is not available in Roon (yes, another of those post) [RESOLVED]


today I added the first album of the Rolling Stones named quite aptly “The Rolling Stones” in MQA format. the track #4 “Mona (I need you baby)” plays fine on Tidal but it is signed as Unavailable in Roon. I tried to add the album either adding to the library via Roon, either adding it via Tidal but no difference
I am in New Zealand and I am not using any VPN or re-directing service.

Addendum: After a bit of digging I found that Tidal has several version of this album
FLAC 44.1kHZ 16bit where Mona plays fine
MQA 88.2 kHZ where Mona doesn’t play
MQA 176.4 kHZ where Mona doesn’t play

In Tidal when you play the trackthe first time it switch to the FLAC version, the next time it show the track as not available as well.