Track titles 10-12 in "Lion in Winter" somewhat wrong

Track titles 10-12 in “Lion in Winter” have some small mistakes (see below). For correct information, see ).

Track Editor show correct information; eg, see below for track 11. Why doesn’t the title in the Overshow show that? Why cannot I change that?

@James_Antognini For performances of multi-part compositions, we show composition parts (which are not currently editable within Roon) rather than track titles. Perhaps this is why you are confused.

The main problem that you are seeing (and reporting in a number of threads – thank you) is that the composition parts are not aligning with the track titles. We’re investigating why this is.

Is there some way outside Roon to do this?

Not unless you use WORK/PART tags and prefer these to Roon metadata; but I would encourage you to report problems to us so that we can get them resolved (en masse with the metadata provided if need be) so that you don’t have to. Also, this wouldn’t work with streamed albums.

I just tried WORK/PART, and that approach does work.

I will report significant differences (whatever that might mean at the moment) so that you can work on what’s going on.


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Really appreciate these reports of yours; they are clear and we’re able to take follow-up action. :+1:

Turns out that there are two different albums in Rovi’s metadata which utilize John Barry’s composition, and there are some discrepancies in the track titles – the composition part names obviously come from one of the albums.

Track 10. Not sure about “make” vs. “made” as I can’t find a back cover for the “make” album.
Track 11. “morter” is a clear typo in the track title and part name.
Track 12. We may have to live with the extra “all” in the part name.

We’ve asked Rovi to take a look.