Track with long description is not picked up

The first track in the folder shown below in my SonicTransporter AT I7 - 7TB is not added to the meta data

I have only used approx 4% of the capacity of the storage. 8956 tracks - 640 albums

My guess is that the description is too long. Notice that track 10 with very similar, but shorter description is picked up. (It cuts the text after the hyphen

This is the structure and text as downloaded from HDTracks.
I have not tried to edit the text (yet) to see if I can make it appear under the album.

I just noticed that the category was changed from Support to Roon Software on Jan 28th. I have no idea what that means… In any case, at that time I had powered down the system. When restarting the album showed up with new “date added” and the missing track added.