Tracks skipped on 1 endpoint

I am new to Roon and am trying things out.
To test things, I installed Roonbridge on a Windows10 (x86) laptop having an ethernet port and HDMI out.
However, when I start playing the titles of all tracks of an album are briefly shown, (less than a second), then the next and then it moves on to the next track.
On the other endpoints, another Windows10 laptop as well as the MacBook Pro running Roon (core, app and endpoint), playback is not rushed.
How to solve this?

That can be caused sometimes by other software on the system that affects audio.

Somethong ngs to try
Verify you have the latest audio drivers, I am assuming Realtek.

Also, try disabling the Nahimic service.

It might help if you detail the computer having the issue

Thanks Daniel

It seems to be related to the audio-processor on the laptop.
Upon switching from 5.1 to 2.0 in the audio settings, it starts playing.
It looks like this laptop simply cannot handle 5.1

Laptop: HP Pavillion G6 with Intel Core i5-2430M CPU


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