Tracks that are shown as not available but in fact are available

The release Convergence by Malia is available via Qobuz.
I have all kinds of tracks from Qobuz played via Roon. However for Convergence Roon indicates Not available.
As said: via Qobuz itself it plays perfectly fine…

If I search for Malia in Roon, the album shows up in Main albums. Actually I only expect releases there that are on my local NAS / my local data storage. Yet it is displayed in this section. In the left top corner of the album art, it shows the Qobuz logo.
Below that there is the Qobuz section with main albums: it does not show up there (not on the 1st page of Malia releases and not on the 2nd page either).

So I think that the problem is that it is in the wrong section of the library. (See below: Bibliotheekversie means library version)

The album is integrated into one of my playlists on Qobuz.
In Qobuz I have not “liked” the album.

Roon - up to date on this day 2020.12.12
Installed on MacBook Pro running macOS Big Sur, vs 11.01.1 (up to date on this day 2020.12.12)

What is going on and how to solve this?

I was able to remove it from the library. Luckely it wasn’t blocked at Qobuz later.
Somehow it thought that it was on the favorites list of Qobuz where in fact it wasn’t, probably a syncing problem.