Trackstat ratings from Squeezebox / Logitech Media Server

Hi there!
I’m evaluating switching from Squeezebox/LMS to Roon. My trackstat rating (for tracks) are crucial to switch. I’ve spent days and days to rate my tracks. Is there any way to import those trackstat ratings (plugin from erland) to roon? Thx in advance!
Daniel from Switzerland

In short, no.

Thank you very much for the quick and straight answer. Maybe there is a detour? For example by importing to another database or to any kind of tag? Very appreciated!

I’d run a quick experiment if I were you - copy the trackstat ratings to the underlying audio tags, download Roon trial, and point it to those few albums. If you then go into track view and see the tag in question Roon has ingested it. The problem is there’s no way to leverage it within Roon.

At this juncture Roon only does album ratings.

Thank you! This sounds like worth a try. In a world of iTunes and single track downloads, it’s a pity to solely rely on album ratings. I’ll report back. Daniel