Transfer my old audio network to Roon audio network

As a newbie(1 month Roon user), I had transferred my old audio network (DLNA based, Multiple clients) to Roon audio network (Universal Roon system and DLNA compatible)

My old audio network

My Roon audio network

I also write a document about the detailed process, including installing Roon, using a DLNA device, using VPN to access the Roon core across WAN, using a software router to access streaming media(TIDAL, Qobuz) from China, etc.

If you can read Chinese and interested in some topic, you can get the doc file from me.

Very nice. Am a bit jealous of the ATC speakers :wink:

You’re using OpenClash on the Pi as a local DNS server/cache to reach the streaming services? I don’t read Chinese unfortunately.

No, in some Chinese regions, network access TIDAL and Qobuz is not stable. I use OpenClash to proxy requests by using SSR/trojan servers.

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