Transfer playlist created Roon/Tidal to Tidal


I create my playlists using my Tidal account in the Roon app.

  1. Is there a way to listen to my playlists away from my room base?
  2. If not is there a way I can import my playlists from Tidal/Roon to my tidal app so that I can play my music away from home?

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  1. Is there a way to listen to my playlists away from my room base?
  • At this time this is currently not a feature that Roon offers however, this is on our roadmap for future releases as as mentioned by our CTO Brian here.
  1. If not is there a way I can import my playlists from Tidal/Roon to my tidal app so that I can play my music away from home?

Playlists you have marked as a Favorite in your TIDAL account will appear in your Playlists in Roon.

Playlists imported from TIDAL are not editable in Roon at this time, and Roon does not support syncing playlists back to TIDAL. If you want to edit your TIDAL playlists in Roon, you can Save a Local Copy in Roon by clicking the 3 dots icon and select Edit at the top of the playlist’s detail screen.

You can also browse for Tidal playlists in Roon by selecting Tidal from the main navigation sidebar. If you find a playlist that you like, select it, click the 3 dots icon and select Edit and Save A Local Copy.


If you want to have your playlist on both Tidal app (away) and Roon (home), do your playlist creation and editing only in Tidal app not Roon. Then it’s in Tidal and it syncs up one way into Roon.

Far from ideal, but I am cautiously optimistic for improvements in the future, either two way playlist sync or “remote Roon”.

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Has something changed with Tidal? I’ve previously got my Tidal playlists to show up in Roon, but can’t get new ones in there. The Knowledge Base says to says those “marked as a favourite” in Tidal will appear in Roon, but I can no longer find a way to do that; any steers? Tidal will let me share it to FB, twitter, embed it etc but can’t find a simple "add to favourite for a specific playlist!

Ok, ignore, it turned up after a few hours.

Maybe it would be great to add Roon to the list of services with sync ability at

The Soundiiz developer would have to code it to work with Roon (which seems unlikely). There are manual steps – export and then import into Soundiiz, but not seamless.

hi would like to export to tidal too! feature request…


Any news on this?


I am interested in this as well for the sake of sharing playlists for people that don’t use Roon. Roon is a closed system and I used to share playlists with people at first mixed tapes, then cds, then MOG, then spotify, then tidal. Now with Roon I have to remember to make the playlist in Tidal and not Roon first.


Definite feature request from me!
And I am sure every Tidal User wants that too!!

Please make this awesome software even more awesome.


has there been any movement on this? it really would be a wonderful feature to be able to create/edit playlists that lived on tidal from within roon.

Seems to work now. At least with in between. See here.

Unfortunately you may then run into another serious problem. The Export To Excel option will only include tracks in your playlist that were added to the Roon library before being added to the list. There is currently no way to bulk promote them in place after the fact, it has to be done manually (e.g. add the track to the library, then add that version of it to the same list and remove the old version). This should be easy to script internally but is not a priority for the team. If that was out of the way then yes Soundiiz would be perfect for syncing.


Yes, this is a key problem. Most Playlist songs for me are NOT added to Roon Library.

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Syncing a playlist between Roon and Tidal, or being able to add songs directly to the Tidal playlists would be a major upgrade in usability.

I for instance have a “Home” playlist and would love to just select it straight from the tidal app at home.
Without using Roon. So keeping this playlist updated from within Roon would be very helpful.
As I’m using Roon most of the time at work and there selecting and organising most of the music.

So a big plus for this request!


how do you make a tidal playlist as a favorite

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When I try to export a 2700 song playlist, roon only exports 92 songs. For such an expensive app, roon has a ton of problems.