Transfer Roon Core to my NAD M50.2

I discovered that I have installed Roon Core on my MacBook Pro. It should be on my NAD M50.2.

Can you tell me how to transfer the Core to the NAD?

Presently, the only device from which I can access Roon, is the MacBook. My iPhone cannot connect to the Core and sends the message “Searching for devices . . .”.

On a brighter note, Roon on my MacBook Pro now recognizes the files in my, Library which is stored on the NAD and seems to provide the relevant metadata.

From an earlier post:

I have just downloaded the controller app to my 2012 Mac Book Pro (OS = High Sierra ) and paid the Roon subscription fee. Roon version is 1.5 (build 323 64 bit. My music is stored on an NAD M50.2 music server, which is “Roon Ready” and has 2TB of storage with about 12,000 music files so far.

Hi David,

The NAD can only be a Roon Audio Endpoint, the Roon Core needs to be installed elsewhere … such as your MacBook Pro, alternatively an Intel NUC, Roon Nucleus/Nucleus+ … to suit your preference.

Oh, I guess I misunderstood a “Roon Ready” network player’s capabilities. Thanks, Carl. --David

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