Transfer Roon Tunes to a iPhone?

Love to know if there is a way to copy songs from Roon to an iPhone for portable listening/streaming in a car…?

Export, and then add via iTunes. That’s about the only way AFAIK.

I was hoping for a better way than to involve iTunes…;-( . Just wondered…Thanks for the reply!

Better way is on the roadmap.

That’s the only way I know but there may be others.

If you want to leave iTunes out of the equation, you can always do the export thing and use a third-party iOS app, like Onkyo HF Player (which can handle high-res PCM and DSD in conjunction with an external portable DAC). Honestly, though, it’s a PITA — I tried it for a while, and for me personally, it wasn’t worth the trouble. I happily use a DragonFly Black with my iPhone, but it gets fed from iTunes.

David and Steve,

I use my iPhone for tunes in my car…I like to put recently acquired music on my phone so I can listen while I drive…

So I use iTunes in my car with Apple Car Play…it works way better than my trusty 160GB iPod Classic that now I’m going to sell.

Just trying to find a way to use iTunes as little as possible because Roon is so awesome…!!!

I guess I’ll just have to use iTunes to get music to my cell phone…maybe one day Roon?

I’m pretty sure that’s their plan.

Roon cloud would be the ultimate solution for this. Upload 100.000 tracks to the cloud. Take your music library with you everywhere you go.

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That can’t happen soon enough!! That would be awesome !

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It will take quite an investment and organisation. And it will bring extra costs for the users. But It can be done.

There is an OS X audio player that offers this service. The company behind it is quite small and I don’t like the player much.
But it’s a nice example of how it can be done:

Given the cloud space constraints it might be that high res audio files would be converted to a lower bitrate. That might not be acceptable for some Roon users.


Thanks for the info!. What might work better then would to get a phone with huge storage so you can have a good chuck of your files with you…less dependence on the cloud and cheaper! I love Roon so much at home I get greedy and what to travel with it too!..:wink: