Transfer Zone Icon Screen Position [in 1.3]

I love the new Transfer Zone icon, but please, please, please, can you move it to the zones popup menu - so you can transfer from the same place you select zones, pause zones, group zones, and see whats playing in each zone?

It’s the only logical place in my humble opinion, and where it’s been moved to is even more out of the way than before. Next to screensaver? Why? :smile:


+1 @hifi_swlon I have just spent about 30 minutes trying to find out whether this was possible. The ONLY logical place to move the playback zone is in the playback zone pop up. I would love to hear the logic behind putting it somewhere else. The icon used for transfer is also unintuitive. Given the icon and it’s position, it looks more like a button used to swap the order of the radio playlist or something. Very strange UI/UX decision here.

@Carl - would you consider splitting this post and putting hifi_swlon’s post and below in the feature request section?

Hi @Crom, that’s now done for you.

I absolutely agree. Still after using Roon since the beginning, I go to the wrong screen for zone transfer.

@mike any chance?

It’s been added to the zone popup for 1.3 :slight_smile:


Awesome @mike. It’s a small thing but great to get it sorted. Thanks to the team there!

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:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: