Transferring/synching Roon between NUC and MacBook

Most times I use my NUC with ROCK for Roon. But sporadically, I want to be independent without carrying many devices. As my MacBook still has a 1:1 backup of my music which I access with Apple’s Music App, I thought it should be possible to transfer my Roon library to the MacBook and run it standalone directly on my laptop.

So, I just restored a native Roon-Backup from the NUC onto my MacBook, and it seems to work after adding the different path to my music files. But I’m not sure, if this really is a good workflow, and maybe I’ll lose some data because of the new file locations (path wise). So, I haven’t tried the other way to get my changes made on the MacBook back to my NUC.

Is it possible to transfer Folders like RoonServer to the Mac with a file copier safely? Because of my use case and that I only have one license, I will never run both instances of Roon concurrently. So, there shouldn’t be any sync conflicts.

Using the built-in backup is the safe way to transfer the data (files) inside folders like for example RoonServer to another Core. It is also the recommended way:

If you feel adventurous, you can always try the method of copying files and folders directly – no recommendation (guide), guarantee for success or support for that though, I guess.

It depends how precise you want to be.

I have a second roon core in my studio - I started with restoring a backup - but I then needed to change some names, audio endpoints, turn off backups etc.

So mostly I just sync the music file directory. The second core picks up the new music files, and anything added as a Qobuz favourite.

I don’t use playlists much, and don’t do much editing via roon, so having the db a little out of date isn’t a huge deal. My home server is the master and I occasionally restore a home backup to catchup on edits etc.