Transferring the Roon Server

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Mac iMac (Retina 4K, 21.5-inch, 2017)
Intel Core I5 3.5 GHz

Thanks for providing ROON !
I have used it just for a day,
I plan to procure some computer (NUC) to run the Roon Server, I do not want to have it
on my Mac forever.

Can I transfer the “license” to run the server on another device ?
Can I reuse the “data base” created by ROON on my new machine ?
May be restore a backup from my Mac to the new machine ?

Best !

Yes, yes and yes! :wink:
If you go into Settings and then Disconnect the current Core, you will be presented with and option to connect another Core, if available on your network.
But before you do, Settings-Library-Backup is your go-to-place.
There you can create a backup of your current library on your choice of storage/location.
Please note! This is your database only, not your files! It contains your filedatabase, edits etc, but not the media.

On your new core, you can go to the same place under Settings Library to restore your backup. It might require some remapping of storage locations but the process of Roon identifying the files are quite quick.

Have a looksee here!

Thanks, very clear and helpful answer !

I have configured a new device (ROCK on Intel Nuc I5) according to the instructions here.
My current server is an iMac (Core I5) and it works well.

I have the devices on the same network.
I get the option to select the core start, on the iMac and the ROCK.
The splash says that my ROCK is ready to run.
When I attempt to start the ROCK, I am requested to inactivate the current core on iMac.
Or to buy a new license.
I disconnect the iMac server, but it is not acknowledged after waiting several minutes.

The problem might be (a guess) that the local network I use does NOT have access to internet.
because I want my music system to be isolated from all other activities in my home network.
That is the way I have been running ROON on iMac.
I want to know that before I start to make mods to my networking (2 routers).

  1. Is there a way this can be handled off line without Internet ?
    I understand that I can run only one server at the time on one license.

  2. Can I request a trial license to use temporarily for the setup of the ROCK ?

Thanks !

You need Internet access while unregistrering your current Core, and also when registering the new Core. Occasionally it will request licensing info from Roon servers but there has been various info on the frequency of those.
Can you simply connect the WAN port of your hifi-centric router to your internet router? You will achieve almost the same degree of isolation as when they are disconnected, but your system will be able to retrieve updates and metadata etc (as well as licensing info)

Roon will funcion without Internet access but wil be limitied in some aspects.
(I have a portable Roon system, a MacBook Pro with an external hard drive and a headphone amp. Works fine, but needs to access teh net while maintaining my media etc)