Transferring to ROCK with 2 internal hard drives (MOCK Setup)

I know that Rock support is only given to NUC configuration but I’m gonna try my luck anyway,

I have desktop running RoonServer and it has 3 internal hard drives.
1 ssd which runs win10 and RoonServer
2 spinning disks of 1TB each for music storage.
I used windows hdd management to merge the 2 spinning disks to 1 2TB drive.

Assuming I manage to reinstall this desktop with Rock on the ssd while the 2 spinning disks are disconnected, what will happen once I reconnect them after the Rock is up and running?
Will they be mounted as a merged drive or 2 separate drives?
Will they be wiped clean once mounted and I’ll have to transfer the music back to them from a backup I have?

Hope for some common sense :slightly_smiling_face:

Run them as usb externals…internally to use will need to reformat for rock

Your narrative is a little unclear.

“2 spinning disks of 1TB each for music storage.
I used windows hdd management to merge the 2 spinning disks to 1 2TB drive.”

So how many drives do you have?

I’ll try and clarify.
I have 3 physical drives.

  1. SSD currently running win10 and RoonServer
  2. 1TB spinning drive
  3. 1 TB spinning drive

Windows allows you to combine physical drives to a single drive under the operating system.
This is what I did for the 2 spinning drives. So when I open “my computer” what I see is:

  1. C:\ 256GB
  2. D:\ 2TB

Ok you have spanned 2 x 1tb drives I assume so basically you can only run Windows now to see your music. Rock won’t work for you at all and will not allow you access to your combined drives. So backup your music to somewhere else before you do anything

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Oh ok. Yes as @wizardofoz says you’ve done something that only windows sees. ROCK is a different operating system so will not know what you did in windows.

So I can go ahead and install rock and then transfer my music to the internal drives from my backup?
Rock can handle storage from multiple drives? (Not spanned)
I’m asking since I think I read on the rock knowledge page that rock on NUC can only support a single internal drive.

A Nuc only has one additional drive supported…a non Nuc while it might support more drives I can’t say for sure if it would internally, at least with ROCK os I haven’t tried it. Via usb it’s no issue

Hi @guy_gichon,

It’s hard to say (as this is not something we really test for) and looks like you’re going into #tinkering territory, so I have moved your thread there.

This is more-so due to the fact of hardware limitations, you typically can’t fit more than one SATA drive in a standard NUC chassis. Do note that the drive(s) will need to be formatted before use with ROCK/MOCK, so even if you are able to use both drives, you will need to format via the drive via the Web UI and re-copy the music over.

This sounds about right to me.

If you can’t see them as internal drives, maybe you want to get a USB Enclosure and connect them to your MOCK that way.

I’ll just have to try I guess…

Ok, I did it :slightly_smiling_face:
My Mock now has 4 internal hard drives.
1 SSD for Roon and 3 for internal storage (2x 1TB and another 320GB I had laying around…)

What I found is that the web interface doesn’t support multiple storage drives so I had to connect each hard drive by itself in order to format it and have it included under the “storage” folder.
Somehow after adding each hard drive individually each one gets its own folder (internal storage 1, internal storage 2, etc.)
So it’s only the web interface which is half baked for multiple drives but the underlaying Linux build supports it.

Bottom line - up and running with all drives :slightly_smiling_face:



I’ve done the same as you and can see two separate internal drives under the storage folder on windows, although the web interface is only showing one drive.

However i’m not seeing the contents within ROON in the different versions of an album, are you seeing your second drive ok in ROON itself?

Yes I can see all music from all drives.
Did you format the 2 drives from the Rock web UI?
Did you transfer your music over the network to the Rock drives?

i think know whats gone wrong.
i formatted a new drive and that was recognised on the web interface, however my existing drive was already formatted and full of music- so thats the only on that Roon is seeing.

i’ll try doing both at the same time.

the above might be a lie lol.

its working now :slight_smile:

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