Translations for Roon!

Roon Translations

Today, we are releasing a tool for translations to the Roon community.

This tool will allow any Roon member to provide translations for text used in Roon, our website, or other places, and to rate or improve existing translations.

In the past, we’ve paid for professional translators and the results were less than ideal. Text used in an app like Roon requires domain expertise to translate properly, and the paid translators tend to not care very much for the quality or consistency of the translations.

After numerous requests from the community as well as partners, we’ve decided to release this as our first adventure into user-generated-content. We’ve seen this work for other projects, and given the high-touch engagement of our community, we are confident that it will work for Roon too!

You can login and start translating and/or rating at: If your preferred language isn’t listed, we will look into it depending upon demand.

Your translations and ratings are stored in a database, and will eventually get turned into a translation profile that will be included in a future build of Roon. You will not see results in-app immediately. A regulating algorithm has been developed to prevent mistranslations and/or abuse.

Also, right now, we have about 400 strings in the pool that need to be translated, and they are mostly the easy ones. We have about 1500 more coming.

In the next revision of this, a glossary of terms is coming so you can use the same words for common terms like “Track” and “Album” and “Artist” vs “Performer” – but for now, it’s enough to get you started!

Can’t Translate?

Part of our translations system is having other users approve existing translations. If you can tell what makes a good translation for your language, go ahead and rate the translations already in the system.