Transport: Failed to select Roon as the current source [Bluesound update fix coming]

Could this error-message relate more to the Bluesound firmware than to Roon itself as pointed out at?:

This happens while been using BluOS and then switching to Roon. Then Roon will not get access as supposed to.
I thought thought that this has to do with the grouping in BluOS and therefore not accessible from Roon to group once again but it appears to be very random.

Grouping works in Roon but in some cases just one of my 4 Powernodes rejects with this message. I have also ungrouped in BluOS but still same issue remains.

I think I made an reset in the router once and then it worked again but not very useful to do everytime using Roon.


I’ve had the same issue. One Blusound device had a problem with the network connection. Hope this hint helps to troubleshoot this.

I’m testing ungrouped each blusound device from roon to play music. At one device, I get this error message and I switched the network connection.


@support I can reproduce this error each time by doing the following. And if I should post to bluesound forum instead please do let me know.

  1. Play a song via spotify to one of the bluesound endpoints: kitchen
    2, Group with another bluesound endpoint via the bluesound app; in my case: A powernode2 is added to/grouped to the kitchen (pulse mini) which was the original endpoint selected in Spotify.
    3, Pause the music via the spotify app.
    4, Ungroup from the bluesound app
    5, The select Powernode2 in the office via the Roon app to play something
    6, Get the error message: Transport: failed to select Roon as the current source
    7, You have to reboot the bluesound endpoint to get roon to play music to that device.

This bug can be reproduced each time by following the steps above. I have reproduced it twice now.

In support package support_09c547c9-1cd6-4e63-995d-dd9a62df33f3_29FE7615-DC6C-4BBE-8A68-75EB8819A257 in Roon_log.01 for today (14/2) @ 8:25PM onwards you’ll find the issue.

Also in support package support_e3cff966-1965-4e95-9322-0cdab48c413e_29FE7615-DC6C-4BBE-8A68-75EB8819A257 from 9:21PM you’ll find the same.

Please let me know where to send the logs.

For me in short terms, once grouped in BluOS i cannot group properly in Roon anymore.
However if only using Roon it works with grouping. It is like BluOS occupies the endpoints somehow once played the first time and will not give access to Roon.

Just awaiting a reply from @support because it is not clear if this should be posted to bluesound; mind you, I do now believe that Roon and Bluesound have established a liaison for this forum. Stops the double posting on each of their respective forums too, I guess.

Anyhow. Looks like my post and yours should be merged so can @support do this too?

Posts now merged.

Would you like my log files?

No need. We know what the issue is, and the fix should be coming in a Bluesound update. Stand by guys!


Most excellent. Thank you very much.

There are no news about this update yet, is there?. But this is a issue in the Bluesound end and not Roon?

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Had the same issue and error message. I hope the 2.10.6 Bluos firmware update fixes this issue (I’ve just updated).

Anyone tested with BluOS 2.10.9 yet?

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