Transporter not playing after broadband switch

I switched to full fibre broadband and although Roon shows the ethernet connected Transporter it won’t play.On Roon it appears to flick through a few seconds of music in each song passing rapidly on to the next track but no sound and no display on the Transporter.I have a Nucleus + with Tidal and Naim Core.
Can I somehow re-boot the Nucleus/Transporter to rectify this.The Squeezebox Touches over WiFi work fine once the new router wifi password is set. Thanks.

I noticed this evening that Roon is also no longer connected to my Naim UnitiCore following switching to a new broadband contract.Is it that both my Squeezebox Transporter and the UnitiCore need a new IP address entered in Roon to allow Roon to link up ?
If so,how is this done ?