Trekstor WBX5005

Hi community, anyone already heard something about the new trekstor wbx5005. It is quite cheap. Do you think it will work for roon core? Or which device would you recommend.

Depends on your needs (multi zone streaming, use of DSP {up-sampling, room correction}). Has entry level specs for Roon core. If you want to use the included Windows license then it might be o.k., if you want to use ROCK or install your own Linux then a Intel NUC5i3RYHS has roughly the same specs and should be cheaper.

See also: Roon Optimized Core Kit

I used an i5 board from that generation. It worked well as a Roon core. The 5th generation devices are the oldest of the supported NUCs, the i3 is the least powerful of them all. So as a vanilla Roon Server it should work fine. If you want to do any upsampling or have a big library it might struggle.

Thanks. I just noticed that for some bucks more there is already a nuc of the 8th generation.,459/notebook_intel_gen8/ja/order/view_count/dir/desc/limit/9/p/1.html