Trial ending soon and will not be renewing

Just finishing a 30 day trial and will not be renewing. The Android remote app is particularly clunky, keeps disconnecting everytime you leave the app. It’s not a network issue as the iPad app works fine. There are however no idle music controls on either mobile app which is a big inconvenience. The lack of a cloud based integration is a huge omission too seeing that you’re not always in the same WiFi network as your Roon core.

Searching for music is overly complicated with an album based system. Top tracks for a given artists are more like obscure tracks nobody has heard of.

Then comes the cost. $120 a year to listen to and discover your own music or what you’ve already paid to stream on Tidal is a lot. It’s a fun and innovative way of enjoying your music but it has to be absolutely flawless to justify the cost and at the moment it just isn’t.

I too would like to see an improving UX along with many users. Cloud based integration for home and mobile use would be fantastic, I’m using some 3 tb of Dropbox and Onedrive at the moment, and soon a further 2tb of Google One space (when it hits here). Am using Cloudplayer on Android which is not ideal, but it’s ok for now…

If you do quit, check back regularly for improvements… there’s a rumour of a Christmas update, maybe some good stuff there :slight_smile:

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I was in the same boat with the annuals. For me it was not to justify the annual but to justify the lifetime because I believe these shortcomings will be addressed eventually.

I could not justify the annual.