Trial membership - asking for credit card details

Windows 10 system.

I try to start with the trail membership (14 days).

Every time when I logon on the Windows application it asks me for my membership and the following link goes to a page that asked for my credit card information.

Why do I have to store my credit card information for the free 14 days trial period?

Regards, Henry

We that is the way it works. After the 14 day trial, I believe that you will be auto enrolled as a subscriber and your card charged UNLESS you cancel the trial before the 14 days expires. This seems to be standard practice with all subscription trials I have tried (Tidal, Spotify and Qobuz for instance) I understand that Roon will contact you 3 days before the trial ends to remind you, if you want to cancel. I have been on the trial for 1 week now.

This is a really unfair behaviour and not all competion do like that (e.g. JRiver).

I wonder why no consumer association is figting against that!


There is no fighting because it isn’t illegal or unfair to the consumer. This is the way many (most) subscription services, i.e. services that charge on a monthly or yearly basis, handle their free trials. E.g. almost all video and music streaming services bill their free trials this way.

JShiver is not a subscription service. It issues releases on an ad hoc schedule and so they charge for new versions rather than a continuation of an existing version.

Hope this helped. :slightly_smiling_face:

Apple does the same thing when signing up for an Apple/iCloud account. This is standard practice for subscriptions more or less.

Ok ok I am not saying it is ILLEGAL, I am saying that TO ME is UNFAIR … if I subscribe by accident what happens. They will get money for one year subscription?

Or I can unsibscibe on a monthly basis like netflix does?



To be fair Roon email you 3 days before taking payment with a link to cancel your trial should you wish and then you have a 30 day period after payment has been taken in which to cancel and get a full refund.

So you have 6 weeks in which to cancel and essentially not be charged. That seems plenty to me and fair from unfair.

I was a bit late to cancel my subscription last year but had no trouble contacting Roon and they refunded me no questions asked.

Alas, I’m back. There’s nothing that compares to Roon right now imo.


Every on-line subscription based service I’ve tried over the past several years works the same way. Ancestry, Amazon Music, Roon and others. When I first encountered this I was upset like you. But I’ve come to accept it because it’s now standard business practice. I suspect there’s a not insignificant source of income from people who forget to cancel the trial and wind up paying for a service they never use. But that’s the way of the world nowdays.

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