Trinnov Roon update

Excellent! Thanks

Can You give me some hints regarding the best configuration settings for the Trinnov Altitude 32 in the room app?
A. Schulz

How far have you got? Has your unit been updated and did you get the Roon advisory instructions pdf from Trinnov? This advises on max volume and source configuration.

In the Roon app, you surely want no or minimal DSP – let the Trinnov take care of the room correction and target curve. At present, the only DSP I have enabled in the Roon app is 3dB of headroom. I noticed that the Trinnov input meters were reaching their max level of 0dBFS so I added some headroom in the app. I’m not sure clipping is actually occurring so this is just a precaution for now until I can look into to it further. Other than that, there’s nothing to setup in the app that i can remember. Just be careful with that volume slider!

I assume that the possibility to upsample with Roon via DSP is also available for the Trinnov?

I’m not sure of the details of the audio processing in the Trinnovs. I’m under the impression that it’s all done at a high bit rate. (A number of aspects, such as digital volume control are done at 64 bits floating point). I suggest you ask Trinnov support; they usually respond very quickly. I’m not aware of an optional setting for upsampling.

Just enable it and go. There’s nothing to set up.

Yes, of course :slight_smile: