Trouble accessing and slow loading with Tidal and Quboz

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Nuc8i3 short with 8gig ram and nvme

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Two routers in AP mode connected to Arris Fiber Gateway. Rock is plugged into Netgear wireless router and it’s limited to 5ghz and only serves my devialet. I am using a Firewalla box.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/ect.)
WiFi Roon RAAT to Devialet Expert Pro 140

Description Of Issue
Slow loading and skipping of tracks. Resolves sometimes with restart of Rock. Also having issues with radio feature, says it can only use library sometimes. More problems loading Quboz files

Hello @Alexander_Kaplan,

Thanks for contacting us here, can you please let me know if this issue only occurs with Qobuz tracks or does it occur for local content as well? Similarly, does this issue occur with non-devialet zones or is this behavior just limited to Devialet? For example if you try to play back to the ROCK’s HDMI output or another zone, does the same behavior occur?


Hi Noris, thanks for the prompt response. I have an admittedly unusual network topology…or however you would describe it. I wouldn’t want you to have to deal with an issue caused by the way I’ve set things up or the hardware firewall (Firewalla). If it helps any, I can also reach out to them or provide their contact information as they can remotely diagnose issues. I may do that now, just to be sure to be respectful of your time.

The issue is primarily with Qobuz, more often than not the tracks load slowly or the first track will struggle to buffer and then Roon will move forward and play the second or third following track. It happens sometimes with Tidal, and was particularly bad this weekend. I just fired it up with a Tidal track without issue and the remote is working responsively. I’m breaking in a new set of speakers, so I left an album on repeat while I was gone—it was still playing on return 9 hours later.

I’ve had some lagging with the remote app primarily on iPhone and sometimes with my laptop. Sometimes if I adjust the volume I’ll hear a skip or two, but that’s rare.

If it wasn’t clear before, I have two low-power access points running, one only on 2.4ghz and the other on 5ghz with the 2.4ghz radio disabled. The 5ghz AP is 2x2 R6230 running on a low-noise power supply that is appropriately matched in voltage and amperage. The ROCK is plugged into the first non-WAN port of the 5ghz AP. All cables are shielded Blue Jeans except for an AudioQuest pearl running from the NUC to the router. I am attaching a photo of the setup. Second AP is plugged in to the gateway as well. The Firewalla Red is plugged in to the router and is not in DHCP mode. Hope you find the photo entertaining.

Let me know what you think,


I also want to note that typically the Devialet is the only wireless client on the 5ghz AP. Noise floor is typically between -90 and -95 on both APs. I do believe I have a neighbor running a hacked router—when I do a survey using wireless diagnostics, the 5ghz signal is around -25 for a network not located in my apartment. I barely get that level of signal out of my AP when I’m half a foot away from either router. The little 2.4ghz guy serves my laptop, iPhone, and nest thermostat, and has the power reduced to 14.

I also assigned fixed IP addresses to the ROCK and Devialet. DNS is set to use Google.

Oh, and I only have two zones—Devialet Air and Devialet Air.

Hello @Alexander_Kaplan,

Thanks for letting me know that info. Your report here seems similar to a few other reports I’ve seen and I wanted to let you know that we are actively investigating an issue with Devialet on Gigabit connections as mentioned in this thread:

As far as we can tell, if you limit the connection speeds to 100mbps instead of using gigabit, the issue does not occur, but it is not clear what triggers this behavior at the present time.

Do you by any chance have the option of connecting the Devlialet to a 100mbps port instead of a gigabit port and if you do, does that change anything with regards to the issue?


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