Trouble Migrating Roon Database to QNAP NAS Device


I’m currently running the Roon Core on a OSX device, and am trying to migrate the database to a new QNAP NAS device.

I had it backup to an external HDD, and after plugging it into the NAS device it would see the external HDD, but I couldn’t locate the backup file.

My first question is, when trying to restore a backup off the original Roon Core onto the Roon Server application on the QNAP device, where can I go about doing that? I see where you can reset the database, but no where to restore one.

My next question is, since the backup was done on a OSX device, will that cause problems when trying to restore it on a device such as the QNAP?

Restoring a backup can be done directly in the RoonServer software.
After installing RoonServer on the QNAP, you can remotely connect to it and select to restore a backup. I think there is a small option on the bottom of the screen, when Roon asks for your authorisation credentials.

If the QNAP can‘t read your HDD, you can also copy the Backups with your mac‘s Finder to a shared folder on your QNAP. I am not sure about it, but maybe the hdd has an unsupported filesystem to be readable on the QNAP.

After the database has been restored, you need to adjust the folder locations in the storage settings.